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Here is Len with two of his most prized tractors Harvey Powerflex 10's. 
Made in Colorado in the late 1950's, there are perhaps only a dozen that have
survived.  He has two. 

Notice the column shift and Ford brake pedals.  The Harvey used a Ford transmission
and shifter column as well as Ford hydraulic bra

This is part of his collection of Gibsons.  These were made in Seattle beginning from the late 1940's up into the mid to late 1950's 
Later the man who had developed the Gibson manufactured the Harvey in Colorado.  

Below is a Sears David Bradley Tri Trac.  These were sold in the mid 1950's in the Sears catalog.  They had a 
tendency to tip on hilly ground and were badly underpowered with only a 6 horsepower engine pulling 600 pounds 
of tractor plus the operator and implements.  Most were bought back by Sears so they are very hard to find today 
This one came out of Oregon.  

The Bolens Ridemaster was another of the tricycle tractors from the era.  This model has a unique front drive system with
 the engine out in front and a worm drive to the front wheels.  The red and white is likely the factory color, the green one behind
is a favorite color of Len's.  

Here is a Chain-Tred, a unique little crawler type of walk behind.  It came with the factory blade.  When new there were 
probably rear attachments, too.  This is another pretty rare one that few collectors have seen.  

Len on his Gibson E.  Note the wheel steering.  This was Gibson's attempt at a more finished looking
tractor to compete with the Farmall Cub, the John Deere LA and the other small row crow tractors being built at the time.  

Another rare and unique little tractor, this is a Lincoln.  Typical V belt clutch running into a car type transmission 
and differential.  Beautiful cast hubcaps and a near vertical steering wheel.  The wide bench seat was also 
unique at it is spring mounted on curved leaf springs.  

The beautiful Panzer.  Built in Pennsylvania, the Panzer was a pretty sophisticated tractor for the day and had a unique pipe 
frame, a multibelt transmission, standard electric starting and wheels steering.  This was a good solid little tractor with fenders, 
a cast grill and custom formed hood.  Expensive for the day, not many were sold and the company folded after a few years of 

The Economy Power King.  This came about as close to a "real" tractor as any of the smaller manufacturers. 
Hydraulic system to run the loader, electric start, heavy duty all the way, this was (and is) a very good little 
tractor.  This one has lifted years of tractors, engines, parts and other heavy stuff around Len's acreage.  

Not sure what this is, maybe a Perrin??  A Tiger???? Waiting for restoration but saved from the scrap yard.  

Here is Len on one of his most recent projects.  Lately he's been working on several crawler tractors, this one has been 
a challenge -- missing parts, rusted and frozen up from setting for years -- but it is back together, running and almost ready 
to go.  

This is a Country Squire.  

Here are a couple of interesting ones.  The front one is a SIT AND CUT riding mower, made in Witchita, Kansas from left over 
parts at the Piper factory.  Notice the PA18 (Piper Cub) tail wheels for front wheels and the extensive use of tubing.  The single back wheel 
drives the whole thing.  It's even painted in Piper Colors.  Behind it is an early tiller.  

Just a few engines and some of the implements for the tractors.   

By the time this E came out, Gibson was doing well enough to have this cast Hood front piece with their name cast in.  

More photos coming, Check back.  

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